The House of Essence

 The House of Essence is a place, nestled in the juicy green nature of East Frisia, in North Germany. Enter a home away from home, where you are loved, accepted and valued for exactly the person you are. We will offer you a colorful variety of Workshops, Retreats and Events, all happening within a great community. Get ready to unleash your creativity and to explore & express the beauty of your existence with all your senses. Connect with your pure little seed that's living within you. Your essence.


In summer 2013 my mum and her husband went on vacation, in East Frisia, North Germany. Their intention was not only to explore the green paradise, windmills and endlessness, but also to spot houses, where they could potentially settle down one day.

Only 6 months later, they moved up to a house that would change our lives. In the age of 50 years, they took their brave heart and went for a tremendous change.

The past decades we always have lived in apartments with a balcony. Now we have to take care of an area of 20.000m².

After two years of travelling I did short stop-over in Germany, where I met the magical place for the first time. This was in Spring 2014. I never have been in East Frisia before, which made me so super curios for whats going to await me there.

As soon as I put my feet on the ground, I knew this place is meant to be for something greater, than only cutting gras and planting flowerseeds. And the greatest thing is, that my family shares that opinion. YES!

This short pit stop overwhelmed me and put me in a big bubble of dreams and opportunities. I moved on to Portugal, where I started to work in a beautiful Yoga & Surf Retreat for the next 2,5 years.

During this incredible time, where I met so many inspiring people, where I made longlasting friendships and where I have made transformational experiences, the idea of The House of Essence grew.

At the end of 2016 the family project was born.





We already rent out a beautiful and fully equipped apartment for max. 4 people.

We are looking forward to welcome you with open arms and to make sure you leave our place relaxed, recharged and with great impressions.


THE vision

Our Vision is to make the world a better place, by allowing you to be you, by acknowleding your individual needs & giving you the guidance on your unique path, through sharing gifts and knowledge within a loving, accepting and supportive community.


Our Goal is to support other people and our young generation, who want to realize their dreams. That is why we want to reinvest in personal projects that serve a sustainable, peaceful and loving way of dealing with oneself, togetherness and nature.



The House of Essence is the first place in Germany, where you find a great combination of tools, that bring you closer to yourself. During my 5 years of travelling, many people entered my life, where now I have the desire & opportunity to bring them all together and to involve even more. We want to provide a place, which feels like home as soon as you enter our green little paradise. You will experience an unforgettable, fun and perhaps life changing time. We want to invite you to stay with us in an unique and authentic place. You can either join our offered retreats and workshops or book our location as a facilitator.


The House of Essence is for you, if you want to...

  • learn something new
  • grow personally
  • connect with nature & yourself
  • step out of your comfortzone
  • share happiness with a loving and supporting community
  • get inspired
  • unleash your creativity 
  • express yourself freely
  • get down to your essence & discover your full potential
  • share your gifts with others

We will offer you Inspiration weeks/weekends during the year, where you will experience & explore...

  • different styles of body movement
  • bodywork
  • personal develop- and empowerment
  • creativity
  • nutrition
  • healing/ holistic therapies
  • gardening
  • and so much more!

 You will leave this magical place...

  • inspired
  • energised
  • vitalised
  • connected
  • confident
  • relaxed
  • happy
  • filled with love
  • encouraged to live your life fully

If you want to share your gifts...


you can book The House of Essence just for yourself and the participants.

We offer tailor-made deals, so you feel empowered to share your uniqueness to the world. You will have space for max. 12 people, which creates a personal an familiar atmosphere.


Besides reconstructing the barn, where you find rooms on the first floor and a community room and kitchen on ground floor, we would like to install a Yoga/Healing hut out in the garden, a Tree-House in the forest for creative moments and a veggie garden based on Permaculture.


  • You! So you have an unforgettable time at The House of Essence.
  • the connection & balance between human and nature.
  • a loving, accepting supportive, inspiring, personal & familiar enviroment.
  • unique offers for personal development & free expression of the body & mind, sprit & soul.
  • connecting with teachers, trainers, artists, creatives, healers, therapists, changemakers from Germany and beyond to offer a variety of unforgettable & transformational experiences.
  • a sustainable, efficient reconstruction in every possible way, by keeping the frisian barn-style alive.
  • a colorful veggie garden, ideally based on permaculture, where you have the opportunity to explore gardening yourself and to support the process.
  • our philosophy, where we want to make the world a better place, enjoy our existence, explore the beauty of life by bringing out the best in you & each all of us.
  • reinvesting profit towards "change making" projects and our young generation.


A very good friend of mine once said "teamwork makes the dreamwork" and we absolutely believe in these words.


For the first step, which is the recunstruction of the barn, we are looking for architects & constructors, who have knowledge and skills in sustainable building, with the focus on barns. If you feel touched or know someone who would be keen to support, do not hesitate to contact me.


Furthermore we are open to everyone who wants to help/contribute in some way and share their skills and knowledge with us. We are looking forward to connect with you.


  • You become part of a great project
  • At a certain step we want to offer volunteering, where you can support us in different areas of the project
  • After the construction work has been successfully completed, we definitely look forward to celebrate with you and all our helpers & contributors and organise a special and beautiful opening event :)
  • As well we will create special offers for everyone who has contributed to the project
  • Many more surprises :)

MAybe you ask yourself "WHY should i Donate?"

  • You believe in love
  • Giving others gives you pleasure
  • You relate to the project and you want to support change makers
  • It makes you realize you have enough to share with others
  • Donating a little bit of money or time may not seem like much. But if your donation is joined with others, it becomes something much bigger
  • You become part of a great cause, which helps many people to connect with others, nature and themselves