The House of Essence

 My dream of opening a Retreat Center in Germany.


The House of Essence will be the first Multi-Retreat-Center in Germany. We offer a multitude of healing practices to accommodate all soul seeking individuals. All are welcomed to the House of Essence for we believe that if people can find a safe space to unfold freely, engage in nature, and be around a supportive community everyone would be much happier, healthier individuals. We are a family built on a foundation of acceptance, hard work and a BIG DREAM to leave a positive impact on the planet.


In summer 2013 my mum and her husband went on vacation, in East Frisia, North Germany. Their intention was not only to explore the green paradise, windmills and endlessness, but also to spot houses, where they could potentially settle down one day.

Only 6 months later, they moved up to a house that would change our lives. In the age of 50 years, they took their brave heart and went for a tremendous change.

The past decades we always have lived in apartments with a balcony. Now we have to take care of an area of 20.000m².

After two years of travelling I did short stop-over in Germany, where I met the magical place for the first time. This was in Spring 2014. I never have been in East Frisia before, which made me so super curios for whats going to await me there.

As soon as I put my feet on the ground, I knew this place is meant to be for something greater, than only cutting gras and planting flowerseeds. And the greatest thing is, that my family shares that opinion. YES!

This short pit stop overwhelmed me and put me in a big bubble of dreams and opportunities. I moved on to Portugal, where I started to work in a beautiful Yoga & Surf Retreat for the next 2,5 years.

During this incredible time, where I met so many inspiring people, where I made longlasting friendships and where I have made transformational experiences, the idea of The House of Essence grew.

At the end of 2016 the family project was born. From now on we want to wake this place step by step into reality.





We already rent out a beautiful and fully equipped apartment for max. 4 people.

We are looking forward to welcome you with open arms and to make sure you leave our place relaxed, recharged and with great impressions.


THE vision

Our Vision is to make the world a better place, by allowing you to be you, by acknowleding your individual needs & giving you the guidance on your unique path, through sharing gifts and knowledge within a loving, accepting and supportive community.


The House of Essence is the place in Germany where students and highly qualified, domestic and International teachers can meet and grow together. With our project we want to provide a nurturing, home space for teachers to share their knowledge and experience and for students to strengthen their body, mind & soul connection.


Guided by love, openness and integrity, we want to create a permanent, sheltered place in Germany where we give each person the space to develop, grow and be creative.


Our biggest wish is to make our guests feel loved and safe. We want everyone, who’s desire is to grow personally, to have access to knowledge, teachings and practices, regardless of their background or status.

We have the vision to build a great community and through intensive contact with her, to respond individually to their wishes. Therefore we're dreaming of offering exactly the retreats and workshops that our community desires and, moreover, to give them new input through all the wonderful, inspiring teachers who visit us.

So that we can realize our dream and create an offer that is affordable for everyone, we have developed a concept that we would like to introduce to you now.

Let's start with what we stand for:

TRANSFORMATION – it’s about you, creating your life you want from the inside, out!

it's about you and your unique path.
Regardless of where you come from, what your story has been, or your status in society. We take you just as you are. With an open heart and open arms, we would like to welcome you at The House of Essence.

There are a multitude of healing practices, which give you the tools to reach for your fullest potential. Spend a mindful, inspiring and revitalizing break with us, which will let you go home with warmth of heart, a full energy tank and new impulses. The House of Essence is a harbor, a protected place, giving you the space for free expression, development and knowledge.

HOME – community and family

On a 20.000m² property, nestled between lush green fields, windmills and endless space, we offer a beautiful & cozy accommodation for max. 12 people. We want to create a personal and homely atmosphere for you. It is important to us that you feel well and secure.

With plenty of room for “me” time you can engage or disengage at your own leisure. Sit by the fire or walk through the woods, enjoy a cooking lesson or book a body work session, the possibilities are truly endless.

We are a warm family, which offers you an experience of deep beauty, health, well-being, human warmth, respect and care. This is expressed in our authenticity and the passion to accompany people on their personal journey and fulfill their needs.

OPPORTUNITY – adventure, growth, potential
Our door is open for people from all over the world. Among other things, this place is a platform for all teachers, healers, shamans, therapists, creatives and those who want to share their knowledge & experiences with people. The variety of offerings makes The House of Essence very special.

It is a great heartfelt concern to us that everyone can participate in the retreats and workshops. For this reason, we tie in with the ingenious idea of a famous Platform in Germany called "Grundeinkommen", and integrate an in-house donation pot. This will be used to give away free Retreats/Workshops for economically weaker people, which includes accommodation, food and the transfer to our space.

Not only do we support the growth of tourism in East Frisia, there is also a hub where many different cultures come together with a common goal: to enjoy a precious and rewarding break. Countries like Denmark and the Netherlands are our direct neighbors, which gives us the great opportunity to create The House of Essence as an international project.

EXPERIENCE – unique and unforgettable! Change through somatic experiences
Whether you’re looking for relaxation, transformation or an adventure you’ll discover it at The House of Essence. An inspirational paradise where you can get your hands dirty in our big veggie garden, escape in our tree house in the forest and play music, chill or be creative.

If you’re drawn to the water, you can hang out at our lake, refresh with a swim or play on a Stand Up Paddle Board. Play table tennis, meditate and move in our Pavilion, lose yourself in conversations in front of a bonfire, watch the galaxy sweep across the night sky, breathe in fresh air and get lost during walks or bicycle tours through the countryside.

We would like to offer Retreats/Workshops/Trainings in the following Areas…

  • Personal develop/empowerment (Meditation, Mindfulness, Communication-Trainings, NLP, Stress-management, Relationship-Workshops, etc.)
  • Movement (Yoga, AcroYoga, Budokon, Tai Chi,Qigong, Capoeira, Nia, Contact Improvisation, Dance, etc.)
  • Bodywork (Ayurvedic Massage, Therapeutic Flying, Feldenkrais, Thai Yoga, Shiatsu, etc.)
  • Healing Energy work (Reiki, Crystal healing, Tantra, Woman Circles etc.)
  • Breathwork (Transformational Breath)
  • Creativity (Intuitive painting, creative writing, pottery, crafting, etc.)
  • Nutrition/Cooking- Workshops (Ayurveda, Vegetarian/Vegan, etc.)
  • and so much more!


How does The House of Essence optically like?

  • A permanently converted, light flooded barn with an total area of ca. 650m² and 2 levels
  • 6 double rooms with private bathroom
  • Common area + kitchen
  • An all-round glazed "pavillon" in the garden, for movement, body therapy, meditation, etc.
  • A big veggie garden
  • Many small oases to relax, spread over an area of 20.000m²
  • A tree house in the forest, as an additional retreat

We focus on…

  • Sustainable Construction
  • Recycling/Upcycling
  • Composting
  • Permaculture
  • Teamwork

Our Project Goal

Goal I

To raise funds, so that we can build Germany’s first multicultural retreat center in a to sustainable way.


Grow a scholarship fund to host free retreats for economically disadvantaged people.


Invest in projects that are driven by sustainability, personal development, building community and healing nature. Help out our local community by nurturing business’s that support out mission.

Who is the Project for?

Our target groups are...

  • all people looking for relaxation, a transformative experience or a new adventure - all this and much more will be offered at the House of Essence.
  • all people who are teachers and scholars who want to lead workshops, retreats and trainings.

The House of Essence is for you, if you want to…

  • learn something new
  • grow personally
  • connect with nature and yourself
  • step out of your comfort zone
  • be surrounded & share happiness with a loving and supporting community
  • get inspired
  • unleash your creativity
  • express yourself freely
  • get down to your essence & discover your full potential
  • share your gifts with others

What needs to be done

  • Demolition permit, building permit
  • The complete demolition + disposal of rubble from our before the invasion threatened barn
  • Architect for planning construction / expansion
  • Building materials for the barn, pavilion and tree house
  • Installation Water/Electricity/Heating system
  • Install an extra sewage treatment plant for wastewater

we need your help

We all want to raise consciousness and be more present in our everyday life. We all have dreams, yet often our fears are greater, such as the fear of failing or not being good enough. We all have deep-rooted beliefs about ourselves that often keep us from stepping outside our comfort zone.

In giving to ‘The House of Essence’ you help create a place where we collectively can address our unique individual needs. This will allow us to approach our Essence, by building support within a loving community.

We are all students of life. Your support will help us create a safe, magical place that will give people a home away from home. We all long for love and my mission is to share all the love I can find, with you.

And if...

  • you believe in love
  • to give others gives you pleasure
  • you feel attracted to the project
  • It makes you realize you have enough to share with others
  • you want to invest in something that makes the world a better place,

we're happy to have you as supporter. You can support us financially here...


A very good friend of mine once said "teamwork makes the dreamwork" and we absolutely believe in these words.


For the first step, which is the recunstruction of the barn, we are looking for architects & constructors, who have knowledge and skills in sustainable building, with the focus on barns. If you feel touched or know someone who would be keen to support, do not hesitate to contact me.


Furthermore we are open to everyone who wants to help/contribute in some way and share their skills and knowledge with us. We are looking forward to connect with you.


  • You become part of a great project
  • At a certain step we want to offer volunteering, where you can support us in different areas of the project
  • After the construction work has been successfully completed, we definitely look forward to celebrate with you and all our helpers & contributors and organise a special and beautiful opening event :)
  • As well we will create special offers for everyone who has contributed to the project
  • Many more surprises :)

Who's behind the project?

The Familiy

Krisi, Uli and Jessi


Krisi, the mum. She is the warm soul of the house. As loving as she is with flowers and plants on the property, she also is with you. Mum is a lively and bright person who likes to spoil guests with home baked yummy cakes. She would love to provide our guests with tips and tricks around East Frisia and tour guest around. Mum looks after organization, execution, as well as the creative elements of running The House of Essence.

Uli, the husband of Kris, is the core of the house. He takes care of the property with all of his love and devotion. As a true nature-boy, he knows about all the greens growing around us. Uli will guide you through the wilderness with his incredible knowledge of the local terrain.


And then there’s me Jessi. A heart driven entrepreneur who dreams big and creates even bigger. 5 years ago, I exchanged my 9 to 5 job to travel the world. This journey led me to my essence. I feel blessed to have discovered my great WHY. Without expectation of what was going to happen, I allowed my Self to unfold freely and to live beyond my limitations. Now I am here and ready to bring The House of Essence to life together with you and my family. My passion is bringing people together and helping them grow into their full potential. It literally sets my heart on fire and I could not imagine a more perfect place to do so than on my Family's property in East Frisia. Ask me where I want to be in 30 years, ...planting new seeds on our big veggie pad, hearing the sounds of our guests talk to mom, smelling fresh baked goods and watching children play on the land that we created for them.